After Google, Facebook, LinkedIn will now be closed in China, Microsoft announced

LinkedIn was the last major US social media company operating in China

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it is going to shut down the local version of its social networking app LinkedIn in China. LinkedIn is the last major social network platform to operate from the US, which is still operating in China.

LinkedIn was launched in China in 2014. Although it was launched with very limited features. In other words, a new version was launched specifically for China. So that they can follow the strict rules of the Internet that have been made for foreign companies in China.

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Microsoft said it was shutting down LinkedIn due to “challenging operating conditions in China and strict compliance requirements.” However, Microsoft also said that it will instead launch a job search website in China, which will not have the social network feature of LinkedIn.

Let us tell you that almost all major social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat are banned in China. Even China has banned Google search here. In their place, China has developed a social media world of its own.

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In China, platforms like Wechat instead of WhatsApp, Sina Weibo instead of Facebook-Twitter, Baidu Tieba instead of Google, Tencent QQ instead of Messenger and Youku Toudo and Tencent Video are used instead of YouTube.

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