Airlines Offers: Travel in plane for train fare, airline companies are giving these offers

If you are planning to go out somewhere with family, then wait a bit. You can enjoy the journey of the plane in the train ticket.

New Delhi: If you are planning to go out somewhere with family, then wait a bit. After the end of the festive season, air travel will become cheaper than railway travel.

Plane ticket is getting cheaper than train

According to the information, the fare of second AC coach of the train on Mumbai-Delhi route is Rs 3575. Whereas after the passing of the festive season, the fare for the plane’s journey will be Rs 2463 per passenger. The fare of second class AC coach of the train on Mumbai-Bangalore route is Rs.1995. Airplane fare on this route will already be reduced to Rs 2125.

Advance booking is getting offers

The fare of second class coach of the train on Delhi-Chandigarh route is Rs.2570. At the same time, the Air Plane Fares is going to be reduced to Rs 1283. According to sources, most of the air routes are going to be cheaper than the train. On making advance booking of the plane, people are getting offers of cheap air travel even by train.

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The festive season runs from Navratri to Diwali

Let us tell that from Navratri to Diwali, there is a season of festivals in the country. During this, there is a fight among people to return to their homes. Due to which, from buses, train and plane tickets become expensive. As this time passes, there is a sudden slowdown in the movement of people. To overcome this, airline companies reduce the price of their tickets.

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