Best Investment Plan: By saving Rs 50 a day, you can become a millionaire, know the whole process

Best Investment Plan: If you are thinking of investing somewhere, then we are going to tell you a great way, here you can become a millionaire by saving 50 rupees daily.

New Delhi. Investment Plan: Everyone’s dream is to become rich. Everyone wants his bank account to be filled with crores of rupees. It is not easy for a middle class man to add that much amount. The reason for this is that due to limited income and expenses, there is not much savings. But we are going to tell you the idea of ​​becoming a millionaire. Your dream of becoming a millionaire can be fulfilled by investing in mutual funds through SIP. For this, if you save only Rs 50 per day, then by the time of retirement you can easily become a millionaire.

Very beneficial for long term investment

Under Mutual Fund SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) you can deposit a large amount with small monthly investments. This scheme is very beneficial for long term. To become a millionaire, you should start investing from the very beginning of your career. If you start investing from the age of 25, then it will be of great benefit.

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Investing at the age of 25

If you start saving Rs 50 daily from the age of 25 and invest it in mutual funds through SIP, then by the age of 60 you will easily become a millionaire. That is, in 35 years, you have to save only 50 rupees everyday.

What is the math of becoming a millionaire

If you save Rs. daily, then it will become Rs. 1500 in a month. On the other hand, mutual funds give an average return of 12 to 15 percent. Accordingly, if you invest for a long time period of 35 years, then a total of Rs 6.3 lakh will be deposited. On getting a return of 12.5 per cent, its value will be Rs 1.1 crore.

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Investing at the age of 30

If you start investing in mutual funds through SIP at the age of 30, then your investment tenure will be reduced by 5 years and you will be able to invest only for 30 years. In this, a total of Rs 5.4 lakh will be invested in a period of 30 years at the rate of Rs 1500 per month. Its total value will be Rs 59.2 lakh. Overall, you will have a loss of about Rs 40 lakh due to the reduction of the investment period of 5 years.

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