BJP MP Varun Gandhi questions ‘Covid-19 night curfew in UP’

Gandhi noted that most infections usually occur during the day, as there are fewer people on the streets at night.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Pilivit MP Varun Gandhi on Monday questioned the decision to impose night curfew and election rallies in various states, including Uttar Pradesh, saying curfew should be imposed day and night. It’s incomprehensible. Ordinary people to call millions of people in public meetings.

Varun Gandhi tweeted on Monday, “Imposing curfew at night and calling millions of people to rallies during the day – it is beyond the comprehension of the common man.” “Given the limited health system in Uttar Pradesh, we must honestly decide whether our priority is to stop the spread of the horrific Omicron or to demonstrate electoral power,” he wrote.

He said that policy makers need to take the lead from the front so that the common man can be motivated to stay at home. Gandhi noted that most infections usually occur during the day, as there are fewer people on the streets at night. He called for stricter social gatherings, which could lead to the spread of Covid-19.

He cited a note sent by the Center to the Maharashtra government in March 2021 stating that measures like night curfew, weekend lockdown had very limited effect on preventing or reducing the spread of infection.

The note states that the administration should focus on a strict and effective control strategy. Gandhi called for an overall strategy.

Policy Commission Health Index 2021: Kerala No. 1 in Health Index, UP-Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are in poor condition in providing health services

It may be recalled that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed to impose statewide corona night curfew from Saturday 25 December in view of the increasing incidence of Covid-19 in many states of the country. A night curfew has been imposed in the state from 11 pm to 5 am.

On the other hand, crowds have gathered at Bharatiya Janata Party’s Janbiswas Jatra and public meetings of prominent party leaders are being organized in different parts of the state. The BJP has launched Jan Biswas Jatra from six constituencies in the state, which will pass through all the 403 assembly constituencies in the state.

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