‘Corona Warriors just a word’, what was the environment like on the streets, outside hospitals and police stations late at night

Doctors strike: We meet Dr. Anuj outside the doctors’ hostel at Safdarjung Hospital between 11:30 pm and 12 midnight.

‘Corona Warriors is just a word’, said Dr. Anuj Agarwal, General Secretary, Safdarjung Hospital Residential Doctors Association. Towards the end of Monday, between 11:30 and 12 noon, we meet Dr. Anuj, who had recently returned from Sarojini Nagar police station, and his fellow doctors who were protesting, outside the doctors’ hostel inside Safdarjung Hospital.

Apparently, the negotiation process started from the very beginning of their protest. “We have been protesting for the last one month, but withdrew on humanitarian grounds and with the assurance of the health minister,” he said.

“Over the last 10 days, we have been protesting again with our demands, including the dismissal of the emergency services and seven days of protests at the construction site,” he said.

Why is the doctor angry?

After 10 days of peaceful protests, what happened on Monday that made the doctors so angry and how did the matter escalate so much? Explaining this, Dr. Anuj told Money Control Hindi that we have informed the police in a press release that we will march towards the Supreme Court peacefully.

In this episode, in front of Maulana Azad Medical College, which is Shaheed Park, the resident doctors of all the hospitals, numbering about 2000, were marching from there. As we were walking peacefully on the road, the police barricaded a bus, stopped us in the middle of the road.

Hostel for Resident Physicians of Safdarjung Hospital Hostel for Resident Physicians of Safdarjung Hospital

According to Dr. Anuj, all the doctors involved in the procession requested the police that we too should go through the service lane and we should be allowed to go. If we don’t open the road even after talking for a long time, we sit there without caring about law and order.

In this fight between the police and the doctors, the DGHS and additional DGOs get there around 2.30 pm, but according to Dr. Anuj, the resident doctors are sitting on thousands of streets not satisfied with their words and assurances. And they were not satisfied with our question, could not hear, left.

‘Our eyes can’t believe it’

If Dr. Agarwal is to be believed, ‘After both the officers left, the police suddenly came into action mode and started chasing all the protesting doctors and dragged them to sit on the bus. “From what we saw there at the time, our eyes couldn’t believe that the female doctors were being dragged away by the male police,” Anuj said.

He added, “Seeing all this, we shouted, ‘You don’t have a mother or a sister in your house? Who are you going to treat the women in your house? We saved them somehow. When we saved everyone. The shooting started, then they snatched the phones of many of us. ” He even complained that the police had many phones now.

NEET-PG Counseling: After clashes between doctors and police, medical agencies call for nationwide shutdown on December 29

The doctor also accused the police of abusing him. According to him, Forda president Dr Manish also suffered a number of injuries. He also claimed that many doctors were injured in the whole incident. However, he did not give the exact number of injured.

Talking about breaking glasses in Insab, Dr. Anuj said, “I still don’t believe that such a thing really happened or could have happened.” After that, after taking everyone to Rajendra Nagar police station, they were released from there and all those doctors returned to Safdarjung Hospital.

‘It’s just a glimpse’

Dr Anuj gave a hint of the crowds and protests that had gathered in front of Safdarjung Hospital at night. He complained that the police had suppressed the whole serious matter of the day. “We are getting support from all over the country,” he said. After a scuffle with the police, they are getting phone calls and messages from everywhere. Now residential doctors from all over the country will join this movement.

At the same time, he said about the Sarojini Nagar police incident, when a huge crowd of doctors gathered outside the emergency ward of the hospital and all the people started marching towards the house of Union Minister Mansukh Mandavia, then the police. They were stopped and all the doctors were taken into custody and taken to the police station. We tell you that standing outside the police station, these doctors also sang the national anthem at night, many of whose videos have gone viral on social media.

What are the demands of residential doctors?

Doctors also submitted lab quotes in protest. Not only that, many doctors have also burned the lab coats. Even after this whole incident, the question remains, what are these doctors protesting against and what are their demands?

You will be surprised to hear that all these residential doctors are protesting for the students who have been forced to sit at home taking part in the NEET PG 2021 exam and waiting for their counseling.

After the MBBS degree, the NEET PG exam doctors pay for any specialization, then they have to undergo three years of training in a government hospital, during which these people are called resident doctors.

These residential doctors demand that counseling for NEET PG 2021 should be completed as soon as possible, so as to increase the number of resident doctors in the hospital and reduce the workload on existing resident doctors so that they can focus on their training. Resident doctor Anuj Agarwal also demanded a public apology from the police for Monday’s incident.

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