Easily transfer old company’s PF balance to new account, EPFO ​​tweeted.

New Delhi: Often people forget to transfer their PF balance when they change jobs from one company to another, when they think later, they get worried that now they have to move around in the EPF office.

Even if you change 1, 2, 3 or even 4 companies, you can still transfer EPF balance from the old company to your existing company’s PF account. This process is very simple, which you can do at home. EPFO tweeted this information.

Important information before PF transfer

To transfer your old EPF balance to a new account, you must first have an active UAN number and password. It should also be noted that all types of information should be updated in your UAN number, such as bank account number, mobile number, Aadhaar number, you should update in UAN.

How to check old PF account balance

1. To transfer your old PF balance to your new PF account, you need to go to EPFO’s official website
2. You will then need to log in after entering the UAN number and password and captcha.
3. After logging in you will come to the home page. Here you have to go to the members profile. Where you need to check all your personal information. Your name, Aadhaar details, PAN card should be verified. In addition, email ID, mobile number and bank account details must be filled correctly.
4. You should check your passbook before transferring PF. For this you have to go to the view where the passbook option will come.
5. After clicking on passbook you need to login again
6. After logging in, a complete list will open as soon as you click on the selected member ID. The member IDs of all the companies you have worked for will be visible. The following ID is from your current company. Here you can check the PF balance in all your companies by looking at the passbook.

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How to transfer old EPF to new one

1. Before transferring the old PF, make sure that your old company has updated your entry date and departure date. For this you go to View and click on Service history option.
2. If the old company updates both dates, your PF will be easily transferred, otherwise it will be difficult.
3. Now you need to go to online services and click on one member one EPF account (transfer request)
4. A new page will open in front of you where you will find your personal information, PF account details of the existing company. In which you are going to get old PF money.
5. Below this will be the details of the old employer from whom the PF has to be transferred. Note that the PF transfer you are going to make here must be approved by your current or previous employer. It is always easy to get approval from an existing company. So choose this option
6. You will then need to enter your UAN details, and as soon as you do this you will get the PF ID of all your previous companies. Select the one you want to transfer the money to
7. You will then need to authenticate it via OTP. Click on GET OTP. Enter OTP.
8. Claim successfully accepted
9. You will see the status of the transfer claim. For attestation, you need to take a print and give it to your company, it will be sent to PF office.
10. Your old PF balance will be transferred to the new account within 7 to 30 days.

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