From Donkey King to Mars, 5 incidents when people start shaking their heads after reading Elon Musk’s tweet

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is also known to be quite active on Twitter.

In addition to being the richest man in the world, SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is also known to be quite active on Twitter. Her tweets are sometimes quite funny as well as misleading. In addition, many users are surprised to see their tweets.

1. When Elon Musk became “Lord Edge”

Elon Musk surprised his followers by changing his name on Twitter once this year. He changed his name to “Lord Edge” and changed his location to Trollheim. The head of Tesla and SpaceX did not give a reason for the change. However, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, co-creator of Dogecoin cryptocurrency, mentioned in a tweet that “Large age is an anagram of Elder Dog.” Since then the price of Dogecoin cryptocurrency has risen significantly.

2. When Kasturi told me that I was thinking of giving up

Kasturi surprised people in a tweet on December 10 that he was considering quitting his job. “I’m thinking of quitting my job and becoming a full-time influencer (what do you think),” Musk tweeted. Although Mask is still the CEO of Tesla, he did not tweet about it.

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3. “Earth is not flat and donkey kings live here”

Musk said in a tweet on April 5 that he had made a unique tweet about the earth not being flat. He said, “The earth is not flat. It is in the shape of a halo globe and here the donkey kings live.” In this regard, some users have asked if Mask is an alien or if he is sending a secret message to someone through this tweet.

4. Musk tweets while sitting on the toilet

In a tweet in November, Musk admitted that he did 50% of his tweets while sitting on the toilet.

5. Will Mars be in 2032?

Kasturi is also known for his love for Mars. He said in a tweet in December, “There are only three months left until the end of 2022. What will happen in 2032 after ten years? It looks like the future, but will we be on Mars then?”

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