Gold Hallmarking Rules: Now there will be no problem in buying and selling gold! Find out the great plans of the central government

New Delhi: Important news for those who buy and sell gold (Gold Hallmarking Rules). The government has now made hallmarking mandatory on all jewelery made of gold. In fact, it is designed to control the purity of gold. We tell you that hallmarking guarantees the purity of jewelry.

Note that the government has made hallmarking mandatory since June last year, now it is being implemented in different stages. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, compulsory hallmarking of gold ornaments has been implemented in 256 districts of the country and preparations are being made to extend it to all districts.

The ministry gave the information

In fact, hallmarking is a certificate of quality, which shows the purity of gold. It has been made mandatory for 14, 18 and 22 carat gold jewelery in 256 districts of the country from 23 June 2021. These 256 districts have at least one hallmarking center. In its monthly report prepared for the cabinet, the ministry said, “The overall mandatory hallmarking is running smoothly and is being implemented in all districts of the country.”

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Hallmarking rules apply

With the implementation of this rule, the number of jewelery dealers registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has almost quadrupled since the introduction of compulsory hallmarking. The report said that so far 1.27 lakh jewelers have registered with BIS to sell hallmarked jewelery and 976 BIS recognized AHCs are operating in the country.
In the five months since the introduction of automation software in the country, about four and a half crore jewelry has been hallmarked. (Provide language)

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