Gold Price Today, 15 June 2021: Golden opportunity to buy gold! Prices fell by Rs 7600, silver also saw a big fall

Gold, Silver Rate Update, 15 June 2021: Gold and silver prices have been falling since the last three trading sessions. Last week gold was at a high of Rs 49200, today it can slip to the level of 48500. Those who want to invest in gold, this can be a golden opportunity for them.

Gold, Silver Rate Update, 15 June 2021: There is a steady decline in the prices of gold. The heavy fall on Friday last week continued on Monday as well, on Tuesday also gold futures are open with sluggishness.
Want to buy gold, gold futures are still trading below Rs 49,000 per 10 grams.

MCX Gold: Today, August futures on MCX started with a slight decline, but gradually it is showing recovery, at the moment it is trading at Rs 48600 per 10 grams with an increase of Rs 100. Last week, gold continued to trade above Rs 49,000 in the first four trading sessions, but it fell heavily on Friday. In the last 3 trading sessions, gold has broken more than Rs 600.

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gold price this week

Day Gold (MCX August Futures)
Monday 48523/10 grams
Tuesday 48614/10 grams (Trading continues)

Last week’s gold move

Day Gold (MCX August Futures)
Monday 49143/10 grams
Tuesday 49127/10 grams
Wednesday 49124/10 grams
Thursday 49198/10 grams
Friday 48903/10 grams

gold price two weeks ago

Day Gold (MCX June Futures)
Monday 48821/10 grams
Tuesday 48995/10 grams
Wednesday 49601/10 grams (August futures)
Thursday 48677/10 grams (August futures)
Friday 48994/10 grams (August futures)

Gold cheaper by about Rs 7600 from the highest level
Last year, due to the Corona crisis, people had invested heavily in gold, in August 2020, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX reached the highest level of Rs 56191. Today gold is at the level of Rs 48600 per 10 grams on August futures MCX, that is, it is still getting cheaper by about Rs 7600.

MCX Silver: Silver prices are also broken today, July futures of silver are trading with a fall of about half a percent i.e. a weakness of Rs 400. The prices are still close to 71500. On Monday, July futures of silver closed with a weakness of Rs 350. Today it is again showing a fall of Rs 400. That is, silver has become cheaper by more than Rs 700 in two trading sessions.

Silver move last week

Day Silver (MCX Jul – Futures)
Monday 71817/kg
Tuesday 71231/kg
Wednesday 71884/kg
Thursday 71999/kg
Friday 72227/kg

silver price two weeks ago

Day Silver (MCX Jul – Futures)
Monday 71898/kg
Tuesday 72248/kg
Wednesday 72678/kg
Thursday 70810/kg
Friday 71539/kg

Silver cheaper by Rs 8500 from its all-time high

The highest level ever of silver is Rs 79,980 per kg. Accordingly, silver is also cheaper by about Rs 8500 from its highest level. Today the July futures of silver are at Rs 71500 per kg.

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