GST Intelligence sent notice to Amazon’s joint venture company Cloudtail, demanding 56 crores

Earlier, CAIT had also written a letter to Piyush Goyal and the Prime Minister on this matter.

GST Intelligence sent notice to Amazons joint venture company Cloudtail

GST Intelligence has sent a notice to Amazon’s joint venture company Cloudtail and has demanded a payment of Rs 56 crore. CAIT has also been continuously demanding a probe into the company.

Giving further details on this, Aseem Manchanda of CNBC-Awaaz said that British newspaper The Guardian has revealed that Cloudtail has received a notice from GST Intelligence and demanded payment of Rs 55 crore. At the same time, CAIT had also demanded an inquiry into this matter and also wrote a letter to Piyush Goyal on February 19.

CAIT has also written a letter to the Prime Minister, requesting the Prime Minister to stop the policy violation of e-commerce companies. He has written that the companies are deliberately violating the policy due to which small traders are suffering.

In the midst of all this, Amazon’s joint venture company CloudTel may have to pay an amount of more than 56 crores in the form of outstanding taxes and fines. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the Director General of GST Intelligence has asked the company to pay this amount in the form of interest and penalty. The company has also given this information in its accounts. According to the information received, the company has paid less tax in 4 years. Narayana Murthy holds a 76 percent stake in Amazon’s JV company Cloudtail.

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