Gurugram is the best city to live during Covid-19, areas of Mumbai, Bangalore also in the list

In a study by Square Yard, it was told that Gurugram is the most suitable city to live from the perspective of Covid-19 compared to Mumbai and Bangalore

Gurugram is the best city to live during Covid 19 areas

Gurugram is the most suitable city to live in during the time of Coronavirus pandemic. This has been told in a study by the real estate sector firm Square Yard. The study has been done on the basis of population density, open area ratio and hospital infrastructure. It said that through this study, it will be easier for people to decide where it is safer to live at a time when the coronavirus disease is spreading everywhere.

According to the report, compared to Mumbai and Bengaluru, Gurugram is overall the most suitable city to live in from the perspective of Covid-19. However, the western and central suburbs in Mumbai and Mahadevapura area in Bengaluru were considered more suitable.

According to the report, the Covid-19 pandemic exposed deficiencies in the medical infrastructure like never before. Both Mumbai and Bengaluru were in a poor position in this regard, with Mumbai having 1.3 Covid hospitals per 10,000 people and Bengaluru 0.30. Gurugram surpassed both with 2.5 hospitals per 10,000 people.

The index ranks the city on the basis of population density, proportion of open area and number of hospitals. According to the report, the areas in the eastern sector in Gurugram, such as sectors 52-56, 58, 40-44, 30, 24-27, were found most suitable for living in, as per the index.

The Covid-Suitablity Index for each city shows that across all cities, suitability increased as people moved from city centers and older parts of the city to more interior areas.

The index noted that although the region had the second highest density of Covid-19 cases second only to the north, the presence of maximum hospitals per 10,000 people, more than 40% open areas and lowest population density made it the most suitable. And so made worth living. As per the analysis, Mahadevapura is the most suitable area in Bangalore. Some of the areas in the region were Bellandur, Devasandra and Marathahalli.

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