LPG Subsidy is coming in your account or not? Check this way in minutes sitting at home

The reason for the stoppage of subsidy (LPG Gas Subsidy Update) may be due to non-availability of Aadhar Linking. In this easy way sitting at home, know whether LPG ie LPG subsidy has come in your account or not.

New Delhi: Whether LPG (LPG Gas Subsidy) comes in your account or not? If you do not know this by now, then know today. Here we are telling you how easily sitting at home, within minutes you can get information whether the subsidy (LPG Gas Subsidy Update) comes in your account or not.

You can get the subsidy information by following these simple steps-

  1. For this you first open it by typing
  2. After this you will see the photo of gas cylinders of gas companies on the right side of the screen.
  3. Now here you click on the photo of the gas cylinder of your service provider
  4. Now a new window will open on your screen which will be of your gas service provider.
  5. Now tap on Sign-in and New User option at the top right.
  6. If you have already created your ID here, then sign-in. If you do not have an ID, then you can login to the website by tapping on New User.
  7. Now a window will open in front of you, tap on View Cylinder Booking History on the right side.
  8. Here you will get information about how much subsidy has been given to you on which cylinder and when it has been given.
  9. Along with this, if you have booked gas and you have not received the subsidy amount, then you can click on the feedback button.
  10. Now you can also file a complaint of non-receipt of subsidy money.
  11. Apart from this, you can register a complaint by calling this toll free number 18002333555 for free.

Why does the subsidy stop?

It is very important for you to know why your subsidy (LPG Gas Subsidy Status) has stopped. The reason for the stoppage of subsidy on LPG may be due to non-availability of LPG Aadhaar Linking. It is worth noting that people whose annual income is 10 lakh rupees or more, they are not sent the subsidy.

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