Motivational Story: Studying under a tree in childhood, now this person earns Rs 153 crore daily

Jay Chaudhry, who studied under a tree in his childhood, has been ranked as the 10th richest Indian in the world. His journey has been full of struggles.

New Delhi: There is a saying that it is not difficult for you to achieve any destination if you work with high intentions to achieve a goal. This saying fits right on Jay Chaudhry, the tenth richest Indian industrialist in the world.

studying under a tree

Jai Chaudhary was born in a small village in Himachal Pradesh. His parents were small farmers from Panoh village, which lacked even basic facilities like electricity and drinking water. Jay Chaudhry thought it better to study outside under a tree than to study inside the house.

Earning Rs 153 crore daily

Due to his hard work and dedication, he left the shortcomings behind. After completing school and college education, he launched several companies one after the other in America. His business flourished and he went on climbing the ladder of success step by step. IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2021 has named him as the 10th richest Indian in the world. According to the report, last year he was earning an average of Rs 153 crore daily through IT security firm Zscale in California.

Successfully started many companies

Before the establishment of Zscaler, Jay Chaudhry started many companies. In this AirDefense was acquired by Motorola. CipherTrust Company merged with Secure Computing. CoreHarbor Company was acquired by USi/AT&T. SecureIT was acquired by VeriSign. They would launch a new company with planning and sell it at a hefty profit and start setting up another company.

Before becoming a businessman, Jai Chaudhary worked for about 25 years in IBM, Unisys and IQ software. In the year 1996, Jai Choudhary and his wife Jyoti decided to start their own start-up leaving the job with a hefty package. With this, he started becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Cyber ​​security company made king

In the year 2007, he started a cyber security company named Zscaler. He holds 42% stake in this company. In the beginning his work was light. Later, after cyber attacks and hackers attacks on big companies of America, they felt the need for security. After this he started taking help of Zscaler. With this, the process of moving forward of Jai Chaudhary started. Now the total assets of Jai Chaudhary have increased to Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand crores.

10th richest Indian in the world

This extraordinary success of Zscaler gradually made him the 10th richest Indian in the world. Jay Chaudhry once said on his success, ‘When I started Zscaler, at that time the market was not ready for it. But I could see that the market was coming. Because of starting it early, I got an opportunity to spread this business further. As the cyber security market continues to grow, we have outpaced our competitors.

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Former alumnus of IIT-BHU

Jai Chaudhary is an alumnus of IIT-BHU (Varanasi). There he studied Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering. He then did his MBA in Marketing, MS in Computer Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, USA. He then went on to pursue his Executive Management program from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Jai Chaudhary now lives with his family in the Nevada area of ​​America.

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