Post Office scheme: Invest in this scheme of post office, you will get many big benefits with great interest

Post office fixed deposit: You also get many special facilities by getting FD in the post office. Apart from this, you also get government guarantee.

New Delhi: post office to invest in Can prove to be a safe and profitable investment. If you also want better profits then you can invest in fixed deposits in the post office. By making FD (Post office fixed deposit) in the post office, you also get many other facilities.
In this, you will also get a government guarantee along with good profits. In this, you get the facility of interest (Post Office FD Interest Rate 2021) on quarterly basis.

Easy to get FD in post office

Getting FD in the post office is also very easy. India Post has given this information on its website. According to this information, you can get FD in the post office for different 1,2, 3, 5 years. Let us know what are the benefits available in this scheme.

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1. The Government of India gives you a guarantee on making FD in the post office.
2. In this, the money of the investors is completely safe.
3. FD in this can be done through offline (cash, cheque) or online (net banking / mobile banking).
4. In this you can do more than 1 FD.
5. Apart from this, FD account can be joint.
6. In this, by making a fixed deposit for 5 years, you will get tax exemption at the time of filing ITR.
7. One can easily transfer FD from one post office to another post office.

Open FD like this

To get FD in the post office, you can open an account by paying check or cash. In this, accounts can be opened with a minimum of Rs 1000 and there is no limit to deposit the maximum amount.

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Get great interest on FD

Under this, 5.50 percent interest is available on FD of 7 days to one year. The same interest rate is also available on FDs of 1 year 1 day to 2 years. At the same time, interest is also available on FD up to 3 years at the rate of 5.50 percent. 6.70 percent interest is available on FDs from 3 years one day to 5 years. That is, here you will get good profit on FD.

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