Punjab: ‘Those who have not taken two doses of Covid-19 vaccine should stay at home’, government imposes many restrictions from January 15

The government has said that these people should not go to any public place, market, ceremony, public transport and religious place.

Amid growing concerns over the coronavirus omicon variant, the Punjab government announced on Tuesday that those who have not received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed to travel to public places in the state from January 15. Can’t access. Allowed

In a new order, the state government said those who have not yet received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine should stay at home and not visit any public places, markets, ceremonies, public transport and religious places.

The state government said in a press release, “As everyone knows, the COVID-19 epidemic has created a major challenge to the community and has seriously affected everyone.”

It added that “those who have not been fully vaccinated need to be more vigilant, especially considering the problems caused by Omicron, a new form of anxiety caused by Covid-19.”

‘Corona Warriors just a word’, what was the environment like on the streets, outside hospitals and police stations late at night

Also, both doses of Corona have been made mandatory for all government office workers in Chandigarh-based Punjab. Therefore, employees who do not receive both doses of the vaccine are prohibited from coming to the office.

Only fully vaccinated (second dose) adults (including their employees) should be allowed in hotels, bars, restaurants, malls, shopping complexes, cinema halls, gyms and fitness centers.

How to verify vaccination status:

– Certificate (hard / soft copy) is downloaded after the second dose

– Certificate of the first dose to check whether the second dose has been taken or is pending.

Text messages sent through the Coin Portal (NHPSMS) that do not have a smart phone can be considered for successful vaccination.

There is a cure setu app to check the vaccine status.

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