Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is buying expert advice on these metallic stocks included in his portfolio, find out what is your investment strategy?

Sumit Bagadia of Choice Broking says that even at the current level shopping can be done at NALCO.

Prices of aluminum and other metals have reached record highs and the Indian government has imposed a 5 per cent anti-dumping duty on aluminum, with market experts expecting metal companies to report strong quarterly results. Among them are National Aluminum Company or NALCO According to stock market experts, this stock looks strong both technically and fundamentally.

Abinash Gorakshakar of the portfolio Aluminum and other metals stocks are looking at record highs in the last one year and are not expected to fall in the near term. The company’s results are expected to be very strong next month. The company has also managed to gain control over its debt position. So, from a fundamental point of view, this stock looks very strong. This is a quality stock that should be added to your portfolio. Although it is a government company. So its speed will be limited. The stock is expected to hit Rs 135-137 level in the next three months.

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Similarly Robi Singal of GCL Securities It is believed that the Indian government has imposed 5 per cent anti-dumping duty on aluminum and other metals. NALCO is a quality PSU stock that is currently available at very good discounts. If it is close to Rs 95-100, this stock should be bought with a target of Rs 137.

Sumit Bagdia of Choice Broking It is learned that purchases can also be made at the current stage of Nalco. Its short term target will be 110-120 rupees. Keep a stop loss of 90 rupees for this.

Rakesh Jhunjhuwala’s shareholding in NALCO

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala owns 25 million shares or 1.36 per cent stake in NALCO as per the shareholding pattern ending September 2021.

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