RBI New Rule: You will be able to make quick payment even without internet! Government will change these rules for instant transactions

e-RUPI digital payment was launched in which offline transaction facility is available. With this, you can do transactions without internet and share this transaction through SMS or QR code.

New Delhi: Many times your transaction fails due to internet problem while making payment from mobile. But now this will not happen to you. Actually, the government is going to make a big change in the rules of offline payment. The way online payment is being done now, you will now be able to make offline payment without internet.

Actually, the Reserve Bank is preparing a framework to increase the reach of digital payments. Under this, people will be able to get the service of retail digital payment in offline mode. Through these new systems, any person will be able to make digital payment from his mobile or computer even without internet.

RBI’s tremendous preparation

A scheme has been announced for this on 6 August 2021, under which pilot test has been started. In this pilot test of technology, it is being seen that how people can be given the facility to make digital payments even without internet or low speed internet. So that people of every town can make payment in offline mode. This payment will be completely in offline mode.

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It is worth noting that whatever digital payment is done now, internet is needed in it and without internet the payment fails. The preparation of the Reserve Bank for offline payment is going on for the last one year. Three pilot projects have been successfully run from September 2020 to June 2021. Under this, about 2.41 lakh small-scale transactions of a total of Rs 1.16 crore were done.

At present, both internet and smartphone are required for UPI. UPI is extensively used in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Now to increase its scope, the Reserve Bank is also focusing on offline payment mode.

Offline payment through e-RUPI

Offline transaction facility is available in e-RUPI digital payment. This transaction can be done on a feature phone without internet and can share this transaction through SMS or QR code. Due to the increasing penetration of digital payments, many companies and banks are working on the possibilities of offline payments. In order to reach those people who still use feature phones.

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visa offline card

In August 2021, credit card company Visa announced that it is working with Yes Bank and Axis Bank on offline digital payments. For this, Visa has created a chip-based ‘Visa Debit’, Credit and Prepaid card, which can make offline payments even without internet or low internet connectivity. A wallet will be created in this, in which money will be deposited according to the limit of every day.

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