SEP TRADE DATA: Exports rose 22.6% to $3379 million in September, imports grew by 84.8%

In September, September oil imports increased by 199.3 percent year-on-year to $ 174.4 million.

SEP TRADE DATA (YoY): The trade figures for the month of September are out. According to these trade data for the month of September, during this period the country’s exports have increased by 22.6 percent to $ 3379 million. At the same time, in the same period, the company’s imports increased by 84.8 percent to $ 5639 million.

According to these figures that came today, September Trade Deficit has increased by $ 296 to $ 2259 million. September oil imports in September rose 199.3 percent year-on-year to $174.4 million. Similarly, September non-oil imports grew 57.8 per cent year-on-year to $389.5 million.

September gold imports were up 750.6 per cent year-on-year at $512 million. At the same time, electronic goods imports grew 17.3 percent year-on-year to $ 689 million. During this period, the country’s petro product exports grew by 47.9 per cent on a year-on-year basis at $5220 million.

Bulls dominated the market, these stocks were the biggest movement

Engineering goods exports grew 36.8 per cent year-on-year at $944 million during this period. While gems-jewellery exports declined by 19.7 per cent to Rs 324 crore from the same period last year.

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