Soap Ban in Delhi: Ban on soap-detergents that do not comply with the new BIS standard in Delhi, know why

To prevent pollution in the Yamuna river, the Delhi government has banned the storage of soap-detergents that do not comply with the new BIS standards.

Soap Ban in Delhi Ban on soap detergents that do not

Sops Ban In Delhi: The Delhi government has decided to sell, store, sell soaps and detergents that do not comply with the new BIS standards to check pollution in the Yamuna river. Transportation and marketing have been banned.

In fact, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had in January accepted the recommendations of a two-member expert panel. The panel had suggested the Delhi government to ban the sale, storage and transportation and marketing of detergents that do not comply with the revised BIS standards.

The NGT had also directed to launch an awareness campaign about the harm caused by the use of substandard soaps and detergents.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee, in an order issued on Monday, said that the local bodies, citizens, who exercise control over shops and other establishments dealing with the sale, storage, transportation and marketing of soaps and detergents in Delhi All the concerned officials including the civil supplies department and the district administration should follow the instructions through strict monitoring and sudden inspection.

The pollution body has asked the officials concerned to submit monthly action taken report of the inspections carried out and subsequent action taken. Experts have cited soap and detergents as one of the major causes of pollution in the Yamuna river.

Let us tell you that at times, visuals of toxic foam floating on the surface of the river in Delhi also dominate social media. According to an official of the Central Pollution Control Board, the detergents used in the dyeing industries, wash ghats and households lead to high phosphate content in the waste water, which is the first cause of formation of toxic foam in the Yamuna. reason.

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