Then the rules of Gold Hallmarking are going to be reversed! Jewelers said – we are not ready, the decision will be taken in the meeting of the government this evening

Gold Hallmarking Meeting: The moratorium given to implement the rules of gold hallmarking is over today. These rules have come into force.

New Delhi: Gold Hallmarking Meeting: The moratorium given to implement the rules of gold hallmarking has ended today. These rules have come into force. The government had postponed the demands of the jewelers till June 15, ie till today, but it has been learned from the sources that the jewelers have once again reached the government with their demand, that is, it may be that the gold hallmarking The rules should be postponed.

Will the deadline for Gold Hallmarking go ahead then?

In fact, quoting sources, it has been learned that a meeting between the government and the traders is going to be held this evening regarding the rules of Gold Hallmarking. In this meeting, the jewelers will demand to extend its date in front of the government, the government will consider whether there is any other option to extend the date of implementation of Gold Hallmarking once again.

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Lab, infrastructure not ready yet: Jewelers

Although jewelers are continuously demanding from the government that the date of implementation of gold hallmarking should be extended, jewelers argue that the necessary labs / infrastructure for hallmarking are not yet ready in hundreds of districts of the country. In such a situation, it will be difficult to enforce the rules. In the meeting of the government with the jewelers, it may also be considered that the rules should be implemented in a phased manner rather than applying them together, so that there is not much pressure on the jewellers. The government says that a decision will now be taken only after deliberation.

Deadline has been extended 5 times

Let us tell you that the central government had announced gold hallmarking rules for gold jewelery and artefacts in November 2019, these rules were to be implemented in the whole country from January 2021. But due to the Corona epidemic, the jewelers sought extension from the government and the deadline kept increasing. The deadline for gold hallmarking was extended 4 times till June 1, after which it was again extended till June 15, the rules will be applicable from June 16, meanwhile if the government decides to postpone it, it will be for the sixth time.

what will happen to the gold kept in the house

After the implementation of the Gold Hallmarking Rule, an important question is what will happen if there is old gold lying in the house. How will it affect its sales? So the answer is that the decision of gold hallmarking is not going to make any difference to the gold jewelery kept in the house. They can be kept easily. There will be no effect on selling old jewellery. They can sell it to jewelers. But, jewelers will no longer be able to sell gold without a hallmark.

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