Train travel can also be done with Platform Ticket, know these important rules of Indian Railways

Platform Ticket Rules: If you do not have reservation and you have boarded the train with only platform ticket then you do not need to panic. Learn here how you can travel easily.

New Delhi: To travel by train, reservation has to be taken months in advance. Reservation rules are done in two ways. The first ticket can be booked from the reservation window and the second through online (Online Train Ticket Booking). But people have problems when suddenly they have to travel for some work and reservation is not available. In such a situation, people only know the option of Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules. But, today here we are telling you another option in which you can also travel with Platform Ticket Rules.

travel on platform ticket

If you do not have a reservation and you have boarded the train with only platform ticket, then there is no need to panic. You can get tickets made very easily by going to the ticket checker. This rule (Indian Railways Rules) has been made by the Railways itself. The person boarding the platform ticket will have to immediately contact TTE and get the ticket made where he wants to go.

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Know these rules before traveling

Sometimes TTE may refuse to give you a reserved seat if the seat is not vacant. But, can’t stop traveling. If you do not have a reservation, then a penalty of Rs 250 and travel fare will be charged from the passenger. These important rules of railways that you should know before traveling.

platform ticket

The Platform Ticket entitles the passenger to board the train. With this, the passenger will have to pay the fare from the same station from where he has taken the platform ticket. While charging the fare, the departure station will also be considered as the same station. And most importantly, the fare will also be charged from the passenger of the same class in which he will be traveling.

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how long is your seat

If your train is missed due to any reason then TTE cannot allot your seat to anyone till the next two stations. That is, at the next two stations, you can complete your journey by reaching before the train. But keep in mind, after two stations, TTE can allot a seat to a passenger with RAC ticket.

What to do if ticket is lost

If you have taken an e-ticket and after boarding the train, you come to know that the ticket has been lost, then you can get your ticket by paying a penalty of Rs 50 to the Ticket Checker (TTE). Keep these rules in mind before traveling by train.

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