Unlock: Social distancing is flying in Delhi, doctors warn of corona explosion

Doctors say that the negligence of people as soon as the lockdown opens in Delhi is worrying

Unlock Social distancing is flying in Delhi doctors warn of

The effect of the second wave of Corona in the country’s capital Delhi has not yet ended completely and people are becoming careless. Thousands of people were seen in underground railway stations and shopping malls on Tuesday as soon as the Corona restrictions were lifted in the capital. Some doctors warned that due to this negligence of the people, the Kovid-19 infection could spread again.

According to a report, with the increasing relaxation in the lockdown, the negligence of the people is increasing. People are seen in the markets without masks. Doctors say that if attention is not given now, then the fear of third wave will prove to be true.

Experts and doctors have cautioned that the race to resume business as usual will stifle vaccination efforts as only 5 percent of all 950 million eligible adults have been vaccinated so far.

Doctors say that the almost reopening of Delhi is worrying. City officials have said they would impose stricter restrictions if cases escalate.

All the markets of Delhi opened as usual on Monday after the end of the odd-even system with some conditions in the unlock after the lockdown. As soon as the market opened, people thronged the streets.

It did not seem that now people have any fear of corona virus infection. On Monday, when all the shops on both sides opened here, a large crowd was seen in the market.

Authorities have fully reopened shops and malls in Delhi after five weeks of strict lockdown. Apart from this, restaurants have also been allowed to open with 50 percent customers. Metro can also run with 50% capacity.

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