Aamir Khan will enter the chess field, will be seen in the role of Bishwanathan Anand

Aamir Khan has revealed that playing the role of Bishwanathan Anand will not only be an honor, it will also be a pleasure, it will also be very exciting to enter his mind.

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and chess grandmaster Bishwanathan Anand recently joined an online event to play chess and raise money for members of the chess community affected by Kovid-19. His fascinating plays and dialogues transcended various topics of interest to him that drew the audience. After that Aamir Khan also made a big revelation.

Work on the biopic continues

The conversation with Aamir soon escalated to the much-awaited biopic of the Indian Grandmaster, which is currently in the co-production of Anand El Rai’s Color Yellow Production and Mahabir Jain’s Sundial Entertainment.

‘Is that a question?’ – Amir Khan

When Aamir Khan was asked if he was interested in playing the role of Anand in the film, he replied, ‘Is this also a question?’ Further, Aamir said, ‘Playing the role of Biswas will not only be an honor and a joy, but it will also be very exciting to read his mind. Whenever I am playing a character I try to understand the mind of that person. Being a real person in the world I spent a lot of time with him to understand his mind and how his mind works. I can understand from his wife and his family how his mind works. And hopefully I will surprise him when I play Faith. If and when it happens, I look forward to it.

What did Bishwanathan Anand say?

But Anand replied about being interested in the role of Amir, ‘and I promised that I would not put you in a position where you would have to gain weight for your role.’

Work on scripting

Let us know that the screenplay of Bishwanathan Anand’s biopic is at an advanced stage and we are all waiting to see if Aamir Khan will join the huge mix of Anandananda El Rai and Mahabir Jain for the film.

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