Afsana accuses Rajiv of touching her inappropriately, angry sister fiercely takes class

In Bigg Boss 15, the era of new twists and turns is seen every day. At the same time, tremendous controversies on the show also remain in the headlines. Recently, the audience as well as the contestants of the show were shocked when Afsana Khan accused Rajiv Adatia of touching her inappropriately. Afsana, who was in the news due to her angry behavior, had also accused Rajiv of entering the bathroom. At the same time, Rajiv’s sister Deepa Anand has reacted to these allegations of Afsana. She looks terribly angry at Afsana.

loudly heard

In Bigg Boss 15, there was an intense fight between Afsana and Rajeev. During this, Afsana angrily made serious allegations against Rajiv. At the same time, in an interview given to Spotboye, Rajiv’s sister Deepa has reacted. Deepa slams Afsana for making dirty allegations against Rajiv. Deepa said- ‘Everyone has seen the way Rajiv treats Afsana. He is caring for everyone. Even after so many dirty allegations, he treats Afsana like his sister. Still she kept making fun of Rajiv, she kept on speaking in a loud voice but Rajiv did not answer her like her.

Proud of Rajiv…

Deepa further said- ‘As you can see that the whole matter is only of misunderstandings, where Rajiv was misunderstood by Afsana but he did not behave like this. I can proudly say that my brother is a kind hearted person. He can never do anything like this. He is playing his game and he is the right person out of all the contestants present in the house. Please tell that Afsana has threatened that she will file a case against Rajiv.

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