Bhojpuri actress committed suicide out of fear, fake NCB officers were threatening

New Delhi: In 2021, many stars have said goodbye to this world. There were some stars whose death is no less than a dream to people even today. There are only a few days left until the end of this year and the beginning of the new year, but another bad news has come from the world of cinema. The 28-year-old actress committed suicide because she was intimidated by two men into becoming an NCB officer. He even threatened to frame the actress. After that, the actress ended herself in fear.

Fake NCB officer killed

According to reports, it was a Bhojpuri actress who was only 28 years old. Police learned that the woman had recently attended a party with three friends at a hotel, where two men posing as NCB officers approached her and said they would be arrested for taking drugs.

Amboli police have registered an FIR

The actress became very upset and went into depression. Then on December 23, the actress committed suicide by hanging herself in her rented house in Yogeshwari (West) area. Officials said the victim and his friends were scared and asked for help. The accused demanded Rs 40 lakh and finally settled for Rs 20 lakh.

Find out what DCP Manjunath said

DCP Manjunath said, “On December 23, a suicide case was filed at the police station. Where a woman was strangled to death. Amboli police initially filed an ADR and a preliminary investigation revealed that the woman was having a party with her colleagues at a hotel on December 20 when some people arrived and said there had been an NCB raid. The men identified themselves as NCB officers and called for a lawsuit against the actress. The companion said that if the woman did not want to be sued, she would have to pay 20 lakh rupees. These fake officers call and harass the woman every day. Annoyed by this, the woman committed suicide by hanging herself in her room.

The accused have been arrested under these sections

Police have arrested 2 accused under sections 306, 170, 420, 384, 388 and 389, 120B of IPC and further investigation is underway.

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