Karan Johar is walking around the office wearing such a strange dress, if you watch the video, you will not believe it

New Delhi: Karan Johar’s name will definitely come up in the list of famous Bollywood celebrities. As famous as Karan Johar is for his films, he is also known for his style sense. But because of this style sense, he also became a victim of trolling and this time his best friend Farah Khan trolled him.

Karan Johar style

People have seen Karan Johar in very strange clothes. He has once again caught the eye of people with his unique style. In a video (Karan Johar video), Karan is seen wearing a large size dress, which Farah Khan shared from his Instagram account. Karan Johar may find his fashion sense as unique as Ranbir Singh’s, but viewers find it quite funny with Farah Khan.

Funny video by Farah

In the video, Karan talks about his clothes. While sharing the video, Farah wrote in the caption, ‘It’s over size. Karan Johar was seen wearing a parachute in his office. Jahnbi Kapoor in guest appearance. This video of Farah is very funny. Fans also want to know what Farah is wearing. One fan wrote to Karan, ‘You did it again.’ This video of Farah and Karan has gone viral.

Farah Karan is filming together

Farah and Karan have been good friends for years. He is often seen pulling Karan’s legs. Sometimes they make fun of their eating habits and sometimes they make fun of their clothes. According to media reports, Farah and Karan have come together for the movie ‘Rocky and Queen’s Love Story’. The film is directed by Karan Johar and choreographed by Farah. Farah is sharing videos from the photo set. This photo was shot in Delhi. Apart from Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Singh, Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi are also working on the film.

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