Kareena Kapoor walking around with a bucket and a mug in her hand, take a look at the photo

A picture of Kareena Kapoor is becoming quite viral. The style of the actress in this photo is old, but some things seen in her hands are looking very strange.

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor gets spotted somewhere every day. Sometimes outside the house, sometimes while shooting. Fans lose their hearts on every picture of Kareena Kapoor, but recently such a photo of Kareena is going viral, in which she has become very confused that what happened to the actress?

Bucket Magga in Kareena’s hand

Kareena Kapoor remains very active on social media. Every style of the actress is very much liked by the fans. His photos do not come on social media that people make them viral. Recently, a picture of Kareena is going viral, in which she is seen carrying a bucket of coffee mug. But look carefully at the picture of Kareena, then you will know the truth of the photo.

Kareena’s swag

In this picture, Kareena is holding a coffee mug in her hand, but the person standing behind her is holding a bucket and a mug. The picture has been drawn in such a way that it looks like the actress is holding coffee and a mug in her hand. This photo of the actress is becoming very viral. During this, Kareena Kapoor appeared in a casual look wearing a jeans shirt. At the same time, black glasses on his eyes and a coffee mug in his hand were increasing his swag manifold. During this, Kareena was seen in a very refreshed mood. Let us tell you that Kareena is constantly working on many commercials and fashion trends.

Kareena at Lakme Fashion Week

Let us tell you that Kareena Kapoor recently appeared on the finale night of Lakme Fashion Week. On this occasion, Kareena Kapoor Khan appeared in a white color floor length Simar gown. Along with this, Bebo also kept her makeup nude. Please tell that she did not carry any jewelery with the dress. He has also shared some of his photos on Instagram. Kareena will soon be seen in the film Lal Singh Chaddha with Aamir Khan. This film will be released in February 2022.

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