Priyanka Chopra was seen roaming the streets of Spain at night with a bottle in her hand, photo went viral

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has become a global star, is enjoying a vacation in Spain these days. During this, she remains very active on social media as well. At the same time, recently he has shared an interesting photo of himself, which has come in tremendous discussions on the internet. In this photo, Priyanka was seen walking on the streets of Spain, holding talks at night. A deserted road is also visible in this photo. At the same time, this photo of Priyanka is also becoming fiercely viral on social media.

viral photo

Priyanka Chopra has shared the latest photo of the vacation on her Instagram. In which she is seen in a blue outfit. She is wearing shorts and is seen without makeup. In the photo, Priyanka is posing against the wall with a bottle in her hand. Graffiti made on the wall is visible behind them. Apart from this, a deserted road is also visible behind. See here this picture of Priyanka Chopra going viral-

If you are not progressing…

Sharing this photo, Priyanka wrote in the caption – ‘If you are not moving forward… you will fall behind #musings’. Priyanka’s fans are very fond of her style. Many celebrities have praised Priyanka while commenting. At the same time, earlier Priyanka had shared a picture with her mother. In which she was seen enjoying the vacation with him. Her friends have also gone with Priyanka on this vacation.

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