Ram Gopal Varma said – NCB also knows that nothing will work against Aryan Khan, made superstar

Many celebs are expressing their opinion on social media in Aryan Khan drug case. Now filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has also tweeted on this. He says that nothing will come out against Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan. He has written that true fans of Shahrukh should say thanks to NCB. He himself cheered NCB. Ram Gopal Varma has written that Aryan will now become a superstar.

Ram Gopal made many tweets

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is trapped in a drug case. NCB has leveled many allegations against him. Aryan is kept in Arthur Jail. Many people from the industry are coming in support of Aryan Khan. Shahrukh Khan’s fans are also in his support. Meanwhile, the tweets of Ram Gopal Varma are in the news.

Aryan’s personality will shine

He wrote in a tweet, Shahrukh Khan being a father made his son just a star but NCB is making him a super sensitive actor by showing aspects of his life which his father is not controlling. NCB is showing him the ground reality which will improve his performance and personality.

Aryan will say in future that he learned a lot in jail

Ram Gopal Varma wrote in another tweet, I can bet that in times to come, Aryan Khan will say that he has learned more about life than his father Shahrukh Khan in jail and from NCB.

Said – Aryan will come out of jail but…

RGV wrote, True and understanding fans of Shahrukh Khan must thank the great NCB for making their Super Star’s son a Super Duper Star. Being a true Shah Rukh fan, I want to say, NCB ki Jai. Ram Gopal Varma has also written that everyone and the agency also know that nothing will come out against Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan, if these deliberate delaying processes are stopped, he will come out.

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