Sara Ali Khan secretly married? In front came the picture full of vermilion!

New Delhi: Such pictures of some stars go viral on social media which brings them to the limelight. Something similar happened with Sara Ali Khan who was recently seen in ‘Atarangi Re’. A picture of Sarah’s demand for vermilion is going viral on social media. After this picture went viral, a question kept popping up in everyone’s mind. The question is, did the actress really get married in secret? Find out the truth about this viral image.

Seeing the vermilion in demand

In Sara Ali Khan’s photo, which went viral on social media, the actress looks like a new bride wearing vermilion. Seeing this picture, there are rumors that the actress has secretly got married. If you think the same then you should know the truth of this picture.

Vicky Kaushal is seen together in the picture

Vicky Kaushal is seen with Sara Ali Khan in this viral movie. In this viral picture, the two are standing in such a way that it looks like both of them are husband and wife. In addition to these two stars, one more person is seen in the film.

Fans have shared this picture

The photo came to limelight on social media when a fan shared it with an interesting caption. “Sara and Vicky look like a couple in the picture,” the fan caption reads. In this photo, Sarah is seen wearing a green printed dupatta, and Vicky is seen wearing a red jacket with a blue T-shirt.

So what is this photo shot?

Fans are very happy that this picture has gone viral. Although he also thinks this picture is of a photo set. Before this picture came out, Vicky and Sara were seen riding their bikes together on the streets of Indore.

Capture 48

‘Luka Chupi Part 2’ could be a film

This viral picture of Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal looks like their upcoming picture. Sara and Vicky will be seen in Laxman Utrekar’s film ‘Luka Chupi Part 2’. Come on, maybe this picture is from this photo set. However, the viral image has not come from any film or any official announcement has been made about this image.

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