Dhawan was married to a mother of 10 years old and 2 children, then suddenly got divorced for this reason

New Delhi: Team India star opener Shikhar Dhawan divorced his wife Ayesha Mukherjee a few months ago. Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha Mukherjee used to come to the stadium during many matches to support Dhawan and she used to enjoy Gabbar’s fours and sixes. Whenever Ayesha came to the stadium, she would wear a cap.

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The dispute lasted for 8 months

Following Dhawan’s divorce in September this year, a media report claimed that the relationship between Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee had deteriorated over the past eight months. But Dhawan did not want the marriage to break up. The Daily Bhaskar claims in a report that a close associate of Shikhar told her on condition of anonymity that everything was not going well between the two for the last seven-eight months before the divorce. According to the report, Ayesha initiated the divorce. Earlier, Shikhar had tried to save the marriage. They later agreed to divorce.

Dhawan and Ayesha became friends because of Harbhajan

Shikhar Dhawan married Ayesha Mukherjee in 2012. Ayesha is a British Bengali from Melbourne. Shikhar and Ayesha became friends on Facebook and the role of cricketer Harbhajan Singh was behind the meeting. In fact, it is said that Shikhar saw Ayesha on Harbhajan Singh’s Facebook friend list and was scared to see her pictures. Then Shikhar sent a friend request to Ayesha.

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Shikhar is 10 years younger than Ayesha

Then the conversation started between the two and both of them started falling in love with each other. Ayesha is 10 years younger than Shikhar. They got engaged in 2009. But Shikhar needed some time to get married as he wanted to focus on his cricket career.

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Dhawan’s wife has two daughters from her first marriage

They got married in 2012. This was Ayesha’s second marriage. Earlier, Ayesha was married to an Australian businessman. But later both of them got divorced. Ayesha and her first husband have two daughters named Reya and Alia.

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Shikhar and Ayesha have a son

Shikhar and Ayesha have a son named Joravar. Shikhar loves his daughters as much as his son. After marrying Ayesha, Shikhar said in an interview, ‘I was destined to have two daughters, so they came into my life right away. I consider myself lucky.

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Ayesha is a British Bengali

We tell you that Ayesha is half Bengali and half British. Ayesha’s mother is British and her father is Bengali. Ayesha’s father is Bengali, so Ayesha speaks very good Bengali and also cooks very good Indian food. Let us tell you that Ayesha is fond of tattoos and that is why she is in discussion.


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