Priyanka Chopra wanted to marry the Indian cricketer, as given in the video

New Delhi: Actress Priyanka Chopra, who migrated from Bollywood to Hollywood, has no shortage of fame today. After becoming Miss World, Priyanka Chopra started her film career. Priyanka Chopra is ruling the hearts of people all over the world today. Priyanka Chopra married Hollywood star Nick Jonas in 2018, but did you know that Priyanka Chopra chose an Indian cricketer for her wedding.

Priyanka Chopra explained the reason in the video

Yes, a video of Priyanka has gone viral on social media, so she has chosen this cricketer from Team India for marriage. This video is from 2000 when Priyanka participated in the Miss India pageant. Where Shah Rukh Khan was also on the judging panel. At this time, while questioning Priyanka, Shah Rukh said, “My question is a bit imaginary, but who do you want to marry?” For this he was given three options.

For the wedding, you will choose a person like the great Indian athlete Azhar, who will take you all over the world. On which both the country and you will be proud. Or choose an artistic businessman like Swarovski who will buy you jewelry and necklaces. Or choose a Hindi film star like me who is sitting here asking you tough questions about imaginary marriage.

Which cricketer will Priyanka marry?

However, Priyanka Chopra herself admitted that she has a crush on Shah Rukh Khan and the discussion about their relationship has been going on for quite some time. Even so, Priyanka’s answer was surprising. Priyanka has said that she wants to marry Indian athlete Azhar. “I would be proud if my husband was someone the whole country should be proud of,” she said. Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan have worked together in ‘Don’ and ‘Don-2’.


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