Sourav Ganguly has caused a great deal of controversy in world cricket

New Delhi: Sourav Ganguly is considered one of the most successful captains in India. Sourav Ganguly made a strong start to his Test career in 1996 when he scored a century in his first Test against England. Stylish left-arm batsman Sourav Ganguly took the team to a place where he knew how to win not only at home but also abroad. Under Ganguly’s captaincy, Team India reached the 2003 World Cup final after 1983. Sourav Ganguly taught the Indian cricket team to play with passion by keeping an eye on the front team. It is also true that due to his arrogance, this former captain of Team India has had to face controversy many times. Let’s take a look at the controversies surrounding Ganguly:

1. Sourav Ganguly is banned

Sourav Ganguly is very upset about the wrong decision of the umpire during the game. They also do not hide this anger. If any of their decisions are wrong, they do not hesitate to express their anger. In such a situation, their clash with the umpires regarding wrong decision cannot be called big. He is still seen on video recordings of old matches, questioning umpires about field decisions. In 1998, the match was played in Bangalore against the visiting Australian team in India.

He expressed his anger on the pitch when the umpire gave him a wrong out in this match. He has also been banned for one match for this. Similarly, in 2000, he was banned for threatening umpires during a match against Zimbabwe. In 2001, against Sri Lanka, when the umpire gave him lbw, he angrily turned the bat over. He was widely criticized for this and was again banned for one match. However, in the video replay, the umpire’s decision was proved wrong.

2. Breaking the Lord’s tradition by taking out the T-shirt and swinging

The Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, known as the Mecca of cricket, is known for its heritage. Many of the traditions of this field are still alive today, which does not change even for the Prime Minister of Britain. One of these traditions is well-dressed, but during the NatWest Trophy final at the same ground in 2002, the Indian team scored 326 runs with great innings by Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif. Impossible. After scoring goals and winning the title, Ganguly simultaneously took off his T-shirt on Lord’s balcony and started waving it in the air. For a long time, his exploits were followed by the youth as a tendency to celebrate victory. Although he was heavily criticized in the English press and many senior Indian cricketers called it wrong, Ganguly paid no heed.

3. Ganguly’s big mess with the match referee

In 2001, during the Port Elizabeth Test match against South Africa, the Indian team had to face a strange situation. During the match, Ganguly clashed with match referee Mike Dennis over some issues. After that, Dennis started highlighting the small issues of the Indian cricket team. The incident became so bad that legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was accused of tampering with the ball.

In addition, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Deepdas Gupta and Shivsundar Das were convicted for further appeals. Dennis Ganguly was publicly reprimanded for not being able to control the cricketers. All of them have been suspended for one Test match each. In protest, Sourav Ganguly took his team back to the pavilion. Although the team was later brought back to the field due to persuasion, the issue has become a topic of discussion till then.

The next day, the issue of immediate withdrawal of Team India was raised in the Indian Parliament, calling it racism. The BCCI refused to field the team in the Centurion Test after Dennis became the match referee. The ICC has overturned the sentences of all but Sehwag, but has refused to remove Dennis. It also said that if Africa and India play this Test without Dennis by mutual consent, it will not be considered as sanctioned. Both teams landed without Dennis and to date the ICC has not considered the test official.

4. Dispute over toss with Steve Waugh of Australia

Another allegation against Sourav Ganguly was that he had deliberately arrived late and had to wait so long for the toss of the opposition captains. Ganguly used to do this to create emotional pressure on the opposing captain. The allegation was leveled against Australia captain Steve Waugh Ganguly in particular. Steve wrote in his autobiography that during the 2001 tour of India, he had to wait for Sourav for the toss at least 7 times. During IPL 2008, as the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, Ganguly forced Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne to wait like this, then Warne got angry with him on the field.

5. Conflict with Greg Chappell

Sourav Ganguly, former Australia captain and former India coach Greg Chappell’s fascination with cricketing knowledge, was instrumental in getting John Wright a new coach following his resignation, but Chappell took over the team in 2005. The split begins. . Chappell started ignoring senior cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. Because of this there was a difference of opinion between Ganguly and Chappell. Dissatisfied with Ganguly’s arbitrary behavior in the BCCI, some opportunistic officials took advantage of this to remove him from the post of captain as well as remove him from the team. Although Ganguly returned to the team later.

6. Debate over removal from KKR captaincy

At the start of the 2008 season of the Indian Premier League, the BCCI instructed all franchises to select the star cricketers of Team India as their icon players. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan chose Sourav Ganguly as his team icon and captain for taking over the Kolkata franchise as a local player. But due to the arbitrary nature of both Shah Rukh and Ganguly and the KKR team not being able to perform very well, a rift arose between the two. Prior to IPL 2011, Shah Rukh Ganguly was removed from the team and Gautam Gambhir was given the captaincy. This caused a lot of trouble in Kolkata and when Ganguly played for KKR against another team in Kolkata, more than half of the spectators in the stadium were supporting him.

7. Shastri who did not appear in the interview for the post of coach

The relationship between Sourav Ganguly and former Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri has never been good, but these differences came to the fore in 2016, when Sachin Tendulkar was selected by BCCI to coach Team India. Sourav Ganguly and a committee of VVS. Lakshman is formed. The committee has selected Anil Kumble as the head coach. Ravi Shastri also applied for the post, but Ganguly was not present during his interview by video conference from Bangkok. Shastri said that Ganguly did not come on purpose and thus he insulted me. Ganguly retorted that Shastri should have been in India instead of Bangkok for the interview.


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