This player did a very shameful job, shooting his millionaire parents!

New Delhi: American bodybuilder Dino Tomasetti has done such a shameful thing that everyone is shocked to hear. He allegedly shot his millionaire parents.

Bodybuilder attack on parents!

Dino Tomasetti, a 29-year-old bodybuilder, shot his 65-year-old father, Rocco Tomasetti, and his mother, Vincenta Marcicano-Tomasetti, on Christmas morning.

Police have arrested the bodybuilder

Accused bodybuilder Dino Tomasetti, who was arrested in New Jersey on Christmas Eve, will now be extradited to New York from Nassau County.

Couple seriously injured

Dino Tomasetti’s father, Rocco Tomasetti, and mother, Vincenta Marcicano-Tomasetti, were seriously injured, but both were relieved to have survived.

Dino Tomasseti Parents

Keep an eye on Dino’s parents’ health

Dino Tomasetti has been charged with “running away from justice” because of the county’s legal system. There may be more arrests in the future depending on the physical condition of his parents.

Belonging to the city’s famous aristocratic family

The family business of this bodybuilder was run by the late Dino Thomasetti Sr., who built many beautiful buildings in New York City. These include Bank of America near Ground Zero, the headquarters of Goldman Sachs. His company also provided concrete for the Freedom Tower.

What is the reason for the shooting?

The New York Post reports that police did not say what Dino Tomasetti was behind the shooting. The injured Roco Tomasetti and his wife Vincenta Mercicano-Tomasetti have undergone surgery on their wounds. The bodybuilder’s father’s condition is not yet stable.

Dino Tomasseti and parents

Neighbors of the injured couple were shocked

About the injured couple, a local resident said, ‘They are nice people, I don’t understand what happened. Good neighbors cannot be expected from this. He never bothered, he kept his house beautiful. I feel bad seeing his condition. I hope he recovers.


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