Amul will give 6 thousand rupees to people on his 75th anniversary? Know what is the truth in this message on Whatsapp

Such a message has come to people on Whatsapp, due to which people are quite surprised. The message has come that Amul will give free 6 thousand rupees to the people on his 75th anniversary. Let’s know what is the truth…

New Delhi. If you are part of a spam WhatsApp group, then it is possible that a message has reached you about Amul’s 75th anniversary. In this message of Whatsapp, it has been claimed that if you take part in the survey, then you will be able to win a reward of Rs 6,000. If you have also received this message, then do not click by mistake, because it is fake. Some miscreants are at it again and they are targeting the celebration of 75 years of Amul.

This message going viral on Whatsapp

Several people who received this message on WhatsApp took to Twitter to warn others about the ongoing scam. According to a tweet showing a screenshot of this purported message, the user is asked to tap on a link which claims that they have been offered Rs 6,000 just for completing a survey.

This message is completely fake

Many people may see this as the correct link because it says “www.amuldairy .com”. When the link is opened redirects the user to a suspicious link of “”, which does not appear to be related to Amul Corporation.

Whatsapp Amul Free Gift Reward

People got suspicious about the message and immediately tagged the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Twitter to confirm whether what the message was saying was true or not. A user said, ‘@Amul_Coop Is Amul running an online quiz campaign for 75th anniversary, giving thousands of rupees in cash to the participants? Getting links in @WhatsApp which all lead to a website site which doesn’t look genuine. Please confirm or deny @GoI_MeitY.’

So far neither MeitY nor the Twitter handle of Amul Corporation has responded to any of these tweets. Explanation also not available. As long as you stay away from this link and do not open it by mistake.


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