Facebook’s secret list leaked, know which organizations and people have been banned

Taking a big action, Facebook has banned about 1000 such groups, which were using its platform to spread armed movement in the world.

New Delhi: Taking a big action, Facebook has banned about 1000 such groups, which were using its platform to spread armed movement in the world. Facebook has included such violent groups as terrorist groups in the list of Dangerous Individuals and Organizations (DIO).

List of banned names published

The Intercept has published a list of such violent groups that have been banned by Facebook. According to the report, Facebook has taken the names of most of the banned groups directly from the US government. According to the report published on Tuesday, the 1,000 Facebook groups that have been banned are not terrorist groups banned by the world body. However, after the September 11 terrorist attack, the US had investigated such terrorist groups around the world and included their names in its watch list. On which monitoring is going on till date.

Strictness will increase on Muslims – Faiza Patel

According to the affiliate website DNA, Faiza Patel, co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Freedom and National Security Program, scrutinized the banned list. Faiza said, ‘This list creates two different systems. In this, there is a provision to make more strictness on Muslim dominated areas. This list shows that Facebook, like the US government, considers Muslims as the most dangerous group.

Talking to The Intercept, Faiza Patel said, ‘There are many such groups active, which spread hatred against Muslims on Facebook. Despite this, Facebook has not banned those groups. ‘

‘Those who promote violence will be reined in’

Brian Fishman, Facebook’s policy director for terrorism and dangerous organizations, said the leaked list was not comprehensive. He tweeted and said, ‘Facebook does not want its platform to be a haven for promoting violence. It is an effort to stop dangerous organizations and individuals of the world. This is not the best way to control them but it is definitely an effective way to stop their ideology from spreading.

Brian Fishman said, ‘It’s a virtual world. That is why we want that the activities on this should be transparent as far as possible. Along with this, work on security, legal risk also continued. We want terrorist groups not to be able to use this platform of ours.

These groups were also banned

Apart from jihadist groups in this list of Facebook, there are also hate organizations such as White Supremist groups operating in Europe and Ku Klux Klan. Facebook has divided this list into several categories. Groups that spread terror and violence are included in the first category. Armed rebel organizations have been given a place in the second category. In the third category, social movements based on weapons have been included.

Facebook has already taken such action

Let us tell you that even before this, in the year 2020, Facebook had identified 600 groups running social movements on the strength of arms. Along with this, 2400 Facebook pages and 14 thousand 200 groups created by those violent groups were removed. Facebook also banned all content related to the radical group QAnon.

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