Jio and Vi left Airtel’s pack! 1GB data is available at Rs 5.55, know all the details

New Delhi. At present there is competition in every field, there is no difference in telecom. The country’s leading telecom companies, Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea come up with many attractive prepaid and postpaid plans for their users and they always try to make their plans better than other companies. Get better from the plans Today we are going to talk to you about some of Airtel’s postpaid data booster plans that are considered to be the best.

Airtel is offering 1GB data for Rs 5.55

Airtel is offering a total of four data booster plans, so this plan is the most expensive. Priced at Rs 400, you are offered 90GB internet and 1GB data will cost only Rs 5.5. Seen this way, this plan is very cheap.

Airtel 50GB data plan

The price of this data booster plan of Airtel is 300 rupees. Under this plan, instead of Rs 300, Airtel customers will be offered a total of 50GB high-speed internet. Looking at the price of this plan, it can be said that it will cost Rs 6 for 1GB users.

Airtel Rs 200 Data Booster Pack

Airtel is offering two more data booster packs. The most expensive one cost 400 rupees, then came the 300 rupees plan and now the one we are talking about costs 200 rupees. Users will get 35GB of data by purchasing this plan. If viewed in this way, users will get 1GB internet for only Rs 5.71 on this plan, which is one taka less than the previous plan.

Airtel is the cheapest data booster plan

This data booster plan of Airtel costs 100 rupees. This plan is the cheapest data booster plan of the company. In this, the user gets 15GB internet for 100 rupees, which means the price of 1GB for the user is only 6.66 rupees. Remember this is a postpaid plan.

We tell you that since these are data booster plans, you will not get voice calling or any other such benefits. Also, these data booster plans are automatically renewed every month.


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