Oh nice! Didn’t write, didn’t say … For the first time in the world, just thought and tweeted …

New Delhi. Have you ever thought that only thoughts can be translated into text without removing the hand or any other part of the body? Like typing, typing or writing a social media post or a random message without speaking on any device. But now it has happened. A paralyzed man in Australia has become the first person to tweet a message using just the idea. In other words, he didn’t type or say anything … just tweeted using his brain.

Tweet with microchip

This feat was made possible by a paperclip-sized microchip implanted in the brain of Philip O’Keefe, a motor neurone patient. The microchip was able to read the thoughts of a 62-year-old man and translate it into a text. Philip said ‘Hello World’ using a brain implant. The message has been described as “the first direct thought tweet”.

Just thought and tweeted

Philip has been suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since 2015. Due to this condition, he is unable to move his upper limbs. But the microchip implant enabled him to think about short tweets. He tweeted, “Hello, world! Small tweet, big achievement.

The interface that made the translation a success was created by the California-based brain-computer interface company Syncron. They specialize in allowing patients to work on computers using only their brains. The tweet made Philip the first person in the world to successfully post a social media message through direct thought.

Philip was surprised to hear this tactic

After a successful tweet, Philip said he was surprised to hear about technology for the first time. He said: “When I first heard of this technique, I was amazed. The system is amazing, it’s like learning to ride a bike – it requires practice, but once you learn it, get used to it. Now I can send messages via Twitter. To the world. ”


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