People’s mind got spoiled due to a problem of Whatsapp, chat backup is getting stuck; So do this work immediately

WhatsApp Backup gets stuck after 100% and the process is not completed. But one user has found a way to fix it. If you are affected by this problem, you can fix it yourself. Let’s know how…

New Delhi. WhatsApp Backup getting stuck is a familiar problem experienced by many users. The chat backup feature on the encrypted messenger app gets stuck at 100% and doesn’t complete. If the user’s phone is stolen, lost, or data is corrupted due to a reset or software issue, this can result in loss of chat history. As per reports the bug has been present for more than a year. A user has now identified a fix that fixes the issue and it appears to be working on the new version of WhatsApp.

User found the solution to the problem

The WhatsApp backup stuck has been affecting users for a long time, but Reddit user torojet found that any user can solve this problem. User followed specific procedure. He backed up the chat on Google Drive. You can also back up WhatsApp chats in this way.

According to a Reddit user, people affected by the WhatsApp backup stuck bug should follow these steps to resolve the issue:

step 1: Go to from a desktop or laptop browser.
Step 2: Click on Settings, then click on Manage Apps and select WhatsApp Messenger.
Step 3: Click on Options, then click on Disconnect from Drive. You won’t lose your chats if they’re on your device.
Step 4: Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone, then go to “/user/Android/Media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Databases” using the device’s file manager.
Step 5: Rename the new database (.db) file to msgstore.db – this means you should have a file named msgstore.db.crypt12 or msgstore.db.crypt14 after this step.
Step 6: Download WhatsApp from Play Store and login with the same number.
Step 7: WhatsApp will find the local backup that you just renamed because the Google Drive link has been disconnected.
Step 8: Restore your chat history and reset WhatsApp, then go to WhatsApp Settings to link your Google Drive for online backup.


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