Samsung users got a big blow! Strange message came on the smartphone, the company did something like this again

According to a BBC report, some Samsung users in the UK received a strange notification after the software update, for which Samsung also apologized. Let’s know about the whole matter..

New Delhi. Recently there has been a news in which it has come to the fore that some users using Samsung’s smartphones in the UK got a strange notification which surprised them. When users complained about this to Samsung, the company admitted its mistake and also apologized. Let’s know all about it.

This strange notification came to Samsung users

According to a BBC report, a person named Andrew Adams bought the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphone a few weeks ago. Shortly after purchasing the phone, Andrew received a software update message, upon completion of which a new notification was issued stating that he had downloaded an app recommended by the Russian government. Andrew got a little suspicious from this notification, after which he contacted the company.

Samsung said this

A few days after sending the message to Samsung, when Andrew was able to contact an employee of the company, he saw this notification saying that he could not recognize it. After this, the matter went to Samsung’s headquarters, after which the company said that this notification is wrong and due to a technical fault, it has reached the users.

The company apologized

Samsung acknowledged this mistake from the BBC and said that this notification issued after the update has been issued due to a technical fault and some users will get this notification in the UK. In addition, the company also clarified that this is a mistake and no Russian app has been downloaded on the smartphone after the update. Samsung apologized for this mistake and said that they are ashamed and take responsibility for the problems caused to all users.

Let us tell you that while many people did not take this ‘mistake’ of Samsung very seriously, many users have expressed their displeasure over it.


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