Strange problem with iPhone 13! ‘Mysterious’ voice is coming in the call, the angry crowd asked- ‘What a commotion …’

New Delhi. Apple iPhone comes with noise cancellation feature for phone calls. This feature reduces ambient noise during calls, making the sound quality more crisp and clear. However, this feature has never been available to iPhone 13 users and they have been waiting months for Apple to fix the issue. We tell you, if the noise cancellation is not turned on, then the surrounding noise comes too. iPhone 13 users are facing the same problem.

There are many complaints in Reddit

On December 24, 2021, Reddit user throwawayowl999 complained that the iPhone 13 lacked “front mic used to mute the sound”. The setting can be found in Accessibility -> Audio / Visual. Other Redditers reported that he was right about the features missing from the iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 13 does not lack a mic that enables this feature.

Turned out to be software error

The problem is actually a software bug, as seen in a discussion on the Apple forum since October, where user rpwils2 wrote, “I can’t find a toggle to turn off the noise cancellation feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.” Did I move it or not? When I use FaceTime and speak through speakers, my voice is cut off. ”

Apple community expert response

An Apple community expert replied that they need to enable ‘word cascading’ on their iPhone and linked an article to help users adjust the audio settings on the iPhone. However, the problem is that iPhone 13 users are unable to find this specific feature in their settings menu.

User Dagocarlito also answered the question, “The iPhone 13 did not yet have an alternative to iOS 15 because it is a bug, I’m talking to Apple Support about it. It’s a known issue they’re running into.” Not currently working with anyone. Resolution timeline. This problem occurs with the Echo in CarPlay when talking on the iPhone 13. This is a big mistake that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. ”

Two months and even after the iOS 15.2 update, the issue remains unresolved, and obviously, iOS 15.3 Beta has also failed to resolve or mitigate the issue. It remains to be seen how long Apple will take to resolve the issue or release a solution. So stay tuned for more updates on this topic.


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