The person put the charger of Android phone in the iPhone, it was full charge like this, seeing the fans said – Wow! what is desi jugaad

The discussion of providing USB-C port support in Apple iPhone has been going on for a long time. If the veterans are to be believed, the USB-C port in the iPhone can prove to be very good. Meanwhile, YouTuber has created the world’s first such iPhone, which charges from the USB Type-C port. Let’s know about it…

New Delhi. Apple has gradually started using USB Type-C port on its products, iPad Mini is the new device to come with USB-C port. However, the company’s smartphones, the iPhone series models, still feature its proprietary Lightning port. While Apple hasn’t changed the iPhones yet, a YouTube video claims that an iPhone user named Ken Pilonell installed the USB-C component on the iPhone X, replacing the Lightning port in the process.

youtube engineer brain

According to a report by AppleInsider, Ken Pillonel has a background in electronics and studied for a master’s degree in robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL. This means that not everyone can make this change on their device.

Instant charging

In the video, it is claimed that after making the changes, the phone is able to receive power through the connection, as well as transfer data over a USB-C cable. Ken Pilonel reverse-engineered Apple’s C94 connector to make a PCB with a USB-C port. To fit this, he started working on shrinking it and installing it on the iPhone.

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Ken Pillonel has been working on this for a long time

He was working on it for a few months and was giving the process of this process on his personal blog. He found a flexible PCB last month and says a futuristic video is in the product that explains how the board was made and shrunk into the iPhone itself.

It is noteworthy that according to Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions, unauthorized modification treats the device as “out-of-warranty” when repair is required if it prevents Apple from addressing the reported problem with the device. stops.


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