Users are the victims of this ongoing scam on WhatsApp! Your bank account can be emptied with a single click, so be careful

New Delhi. When it comes to social media platforms and chatting apps, WhatsApp will probably be the first to be named. WhatsApp is considered as a very simple medium for cyber theft and is considered as an easy target for its users. has recently revealed a new scandal. Through this scam, WhatsApp users are losing their personal and financial details, which is why money is being stolen from their accounts. Tell us what this scam is and how you can protect yourself from it.

How scam works

The scam works through a link. The thief sends users a link to WhatsApp, where as users click, they see a new webpage on their screen. This webpage says that users can win a big prize if they complete a survey. After answering the survey questions, users are taken to a new website where information such as their name, age, address and bank details are taken. In this way, users come under the guise of rewards and share their personal information with cyber thieves.

What will happen to the information taken from you

If you are wondering what these cyber thieves do with your information, we tell you that after taking your bank details etc. thieves can make wrong transactions in your name, sell your data to criminals of york web, you can do more. Annoy yourself with your information and download the wrong apps (PUAs) to your device.

Do this to stay safe

If you want to stay away from this scam, if you come across a link, read it carefully and then click. If this is a spam link and it displays ‘’, delete it immediately by marking it as spam. If you accidentally click on a link, shut it down immediately and scan your phone with anti-virus software. If you see an app on your smartphone that you haven’t downloaded or that doesn’t work for you, uninstall it from your smartphone immediately.

Let us tell you that at this time you need to be more careful about the scandal because at this time the number of cases related to Christmas and New Year has increased.


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