Xiaomi’s smartphone is coming to make the bed of iPhone 13, going to be Hero No. 1 in all respects

New Delhi. Just hours before the launch of the Xiaomi 12 series, company founder and CEO Leigh Jun posted a new social media post online. Where he compared the upcoming flagship model with the top model of Apple’s iPhone 13 series. He shared the post on his official Weibo account. He added that the Xiaomi 12 Pro feels better in your hands than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and shows improvements in battery technology.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi 12 Pro

According to Lei Jun, the Cupertino-based company’s iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display, 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.65mm and weighs 238 grams. On the other hand, the Chinese tech giant’s 12 Pro comes with a 6.73-inch display that measures 163.6mm x 74.6mm x 8.16mm and weighs 205 grams.

Xiaomi 12 Pro will be lighter than iPhone 13 Pro Max

Despite having a larger display, the Xiaomi 12 Pro weighs less than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, while its width is 74.6mm less. Meaning, it will give a good feeling of the hand. Also, he highlighted the display, which has a curved screen that offers a 120Hz refresh rate and a punch hole camera in a large notch at the top.

The senior official claimed that the brand has also put a lot of effort into its compact flagship phone. To make the motherboard smaller on the Xiaomi 12, they built an expensive sandwich structure, the thinnest VC cooling plate to ensure proper heat management. Despite the small size, the battery capacity of the Base 12 model has been increased for the new generation cobalt oxide battery, which also increases the cost of the device.


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