Your Gmail account is in the eyes of hackers, you are making paupers by laying such traps; If you want to avoid then do not do this work

Here’s a big warning for Gmail, Outlook users about email scams. A recently discovered email scam is giving users access to fake gift cards. Although no gift is sent, users lose money and data.

New Delhi. Email scams have become commonplace and hackers and fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to trick unknown users into clicking on fake links and stealing their personal information and their money. In one such new email scam, which has affected Gmail and Outlook, fraudsters are fooling users by sending mails that are said to be from SmartMarket.

This is how fraud is happening

As soon as the user clicks the link, they lose their money, personal data or both. Hackers use fraudulent email branding and email to trick users into clicking on the links inside.

Link is clicked by giving greed

Gmail and Outlook are the most popular email services today. Such emails are sent, which attract people. The link is clicked by luring offers and discounts. Like a mail came, where he does a small survey to get a free gift. As soon as the link is clicked, the hackers start their work.

Users who click on the link will be taken to a website, but will not receive any rewards or gift cards from any participation on their part. Most of the mails are about big brands. According to Express UK, the first scam was noticed three months ago in June, when users began receiving offers for GBP 90 gift cards from Sainsbury’s in exchange for participating in surveys.

How to stay safe from email scams on Gmail, Outlook and more:

1. Users should ensure that they do not click on any unknown links
2. Do not open any unknown attachments
3. Do not enter their personal information on unknown websites
4. Do not enter email and password, especially if it is to participate in a survey.


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