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13th round of talks between India and China will be held tomorrow, will any solution be found?

The 13th round of Corps Commander level discussions between India and China is likely to start at 10.30 am at the Chinese Border Meeting Point Moldo on October 10.

New Delhi: The 13th round of Corps Commander level discussions between India and China is likely to start at 10.30 am at the Chinese Border Meeting Point Moldo on October 10. Earlier, India and Chinese Corps Commander had held on 31 July in which it was agreed to withdraw troops from Gogra and Hot Spring. But before the discussion this time, China has heated up the atmosphere by trying to create infiltration and psychological pressure.

Chinese soldiers had entered Barahoti- Arunachal

Even before the discussion of both the commanders, Chinese soldiers (PLA) have tried to infiltrate the Indian border twice. In September, about 100 Chinese soldiers infiltrated the Indian border in Barahoti, Uttarakhand, which was foiled by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel. The incident of Chinese infiltration in Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh last week is more serious.

According to sources, about 200 Chinese soldiers (PLA) infiltrated the Indian border and after that they came face to face with Indian soldiers. According to reports, Indian soldiers held Chinese soldiers for several hours, who were later released after discussions with senior officers.

Chinese media took out annoyance

After this news came to the Indian media, on October 9, several photos of the clashes in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh in June last year were released on China’s social media platforms. In these photographs, Indian soldiers are shown being held captive in front of Chinese soldiers. Obviously, China is trying to vent its annoyance as well as create psychological pressure on the Indian side just before the meeting. This is sure to have an impact on the discussion to be held on October 10.

Soldiers of India and China are face-to-face since 5 May 2020 due to the biggest military tension in Ladakh. With the withdrawal of troops from the southern shores of Lake Pengang in February, there was hope that the dispute would be resolved before the onset of winter this year. But no consensus has been reached on the withdrawal of troops from any place other than Gogra and Hot Spring.

China started preparations for winter

Meanwhile, China has also started preparations for this year’s winter and has started building new bases for soldiers near the border. The Indian Army is also preparing to stay on the border in winter. However, Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane has expressed concern over China’s new preparations.

There are many disputes between India and China (India-China Face Off) like Depsang Maidan and Demchok in Ladakh, which are to be discussed. India has also said that the withdrawal of troops in Ladakh should be kept separate from the rest of the border dispute. There is a border of about three and a half thousand kilometers long between India and China i.e. Line of Actual Control, on which tension is going on between the two countries for a long time.

Tension remains in many areas

Apart from large parts of Ladakh, China claims many parts of Himachal, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Soldiers of both the countries come face to face many times while patrolling and a situation of confrontation arises. However, such situations are resolved according to the arrangement between the two countries so that the matter does not worsen.

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