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15 year old girl taught the basic mantra of life, success comes from effort not money

DNA Analysis: Today we are telling you the story of a 15-year-old girl living in Tumkur, Karnataka, who did not lose her spirits even in difficult times.

New Delhi: It is said that patience and time are the greatest gifts any person can get, but most people lose patience when bad times come and lose the battles of life. Today we are telling you the story of a 15-year-old girl living in Tumkur, Karnataka, who did not lose her courage even in difficult times.

Could not give the reason for not paying school fees

This story is of Greeshma Nayak, who topped the 10th class board exam. In the month of July this year, Grishma was to appear for the 10th class board examination, but due to her failure to pay the school fees, the school refused to give her the necessary admission card to appear in the examination and even after wishing for the 10th class. Couldn’t pass the exam.

Frustrated Grishma attempts suicide

Frustrated by this, Greeshma Nayak also attempted suicide. The girl’s compulsion was that due to the lockdown, her farmer father’s income had reduced and he was unable to pay school fees, but then Grishma took care of herself and wrote a letter to the education minister of the state.

Grishma scored 599 out of 625

After this, the Education Minister himself went to this girl’s house and assured that all those students would be given the opportunity to give supplementary examination, who could not take the examination due to non-payment of fees. After this, Grishma started preparing for the exam with the help of her elder sisters. Summer’s patience came in handy and when the results of last month’s examination came out, she topped with 95.8 percent marks. Grishma scored 599 marks out of a total of 625.

can change the situation from opposite to opposite

This short story tells us that if you wait for the right time and do not lose your patience, then you can turn the situation from opposite to opposite in your favor. We hope that today the story of this girl will boost the morale of crores of students of our country who are either scared or disappointed by failures.

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