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After meeting Prime Minister Modi, Omar said – first get the rights of the full state, then elections should be held

The statement came after a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 24. He said he did not agree with the idea of ​​a full state after the election.

Srinagar: National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah held a press conference in Srinagar today. Party leader Omar Abdullah was also present at the press conference. Omar Abdullah said about holding assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir that we do not agree with the Centre’s timeline on giving full statehood without borders and we want Jammu and Kashmir to have full statehood first and then elections.

Omar Abdullah said that we do not believe that elections will be held first and then full statehood will be given.

‘Faith Must Be Restored’

At the same time, the head of the National Conference, Farooq Abdullah, said the country’s first prime minister had promised us rebellion, but supported it. Narasimha Rao promised to give us autonomy, he also fell behind. It created disbelief, which must now be brought back. First of all, faith should be restored.

Farooq Abdullah further said, ‘The meeting with the Prime Minister was good. Everyone has put their statement in front of the Prime Minister. This is the first step taken by the government to improve the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and start a new political phase.

‘Kashmiris not happy with verdict’

In a meeting with the Prime Minister, Omar Abdullah said that we were not called there as an alliance. We went there as a party. We said that the people of Kashmir are angry, not happy with the verdict.

‘Statehood then election’

Omar Abdullah said that we will fight for our constitutional rights in a legal, political and peaceful way.

At the same time, Omar Abdullah has said that we will not back down from what we want. Referring to Ghulam Nabi Azad, he said, “Mr. Azad told us all to return the state first, then we will accept the issue of elections.”

Omar Abdullah on the other hand said that at the meeting Mr. Azad and Mr. Baig unfortunately said that the matter is in the court, but since the matter is in the court we will not discuss it? The issue of Ram temple remained in the court for years, so was the discussion on this closed? If the people of Jammu and Kashmir say that the situation remains stable until the court decides, we will extend a hand.

A meeting was held with Prime Minister Modi on June 24

On June 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met for the first time with the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi, after repealing Article 3 Article 0 from Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting was attended by 14 leaders from 8 parties in Jammu and Kashmir. The important point raised at the meeting was that the border would be demarcated in Jammu and Kashmir first, then elections would be held and then it would be given a full state visit.


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