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Assembly elections: UP minister’s harsh words, says- If BJP government is formed this time, YC will chant Ram’s name after ‘Genu’!

UP Assembly Election: Uttar Pradesh Panchayati Raj Minister Bhupendra Singh Chowdhury on Sunday claimed that AIMIM chief Op MP Asaduddin Owaisi would wear ‘Geneu’ if the BJP forms the government again in the state after the next assembly elections. You will start chanting the name of Ram.

Chowdhury made the remarks while addressing a youth conference in Shamli. Chowdhury said of the statement, “I told the people present at the meeting that if you form the government of Yogi Adityanath again in the state, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Waisi will be seen wearing jenu and chanting Ram’s name.”

Rahul Gandhi announces his clan after Janu – Bhupendra Singh Chowdhury

Asked why he thinks the YC will do it, Chowdhury said, “We are pushing our agenda. According to our agenda, Akhilesh Yadav is going to the temple and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is wearing ‘Janeu’ and giving his message to everyone. People have given up their agenda, “he said.” Those who did politics of contentment, spoke of minorities, who did not acknowledge the existence of Ram and swore in court that Ram is a fictional character, now those people are wearing Janeu and a temple. ” Wandering around other temples.

I will not comment on crazy statements: YC

When asked about this, Owaisi said, “What really happened to the people? If someone makes nonsense, why do you want my response? I do not want to comment on such insane statements.” It is noteworthy that the YC party has decided to field candidates for 100 seats in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Owaisi calls on Muslims to build their own leadership to build themselves up as a political force.

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