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At LNJP Hospital, 69 out of 72 patients with Omicron took both doses of the vaccine, 68 had no symptoms.

Omicron case in Delhi: As of Tuesday, a total of 72 patients at the LNJP hospital in the capital Delhi have been infected with the new form of corona, Omicron. Of particular concern to these patients was the fact that 69 of these 72 patients received both doses of corona vaccine and 3 single doses. That is, most people infected with Omicron were vaccinated. All the passengers who had corona symptoms at the Delhi airport have been brought to LNJP Hospital since December 1. Especially travelers from countries that have come from countries where new forms of corona omicron have occurred.

So far, 82 cases of coronary form omicron have been reported. Analyzing them, it was found that 98% of the patients i.e. 79 people have received both doses of corona vaccine. At the same time, 8 of these Omicron-infected patients admitted so far had no symptoms. Only four had minor symptoms.

Last week, the central government also put forward an analysis report of patients infected with Omicron, which showed that most people infected with the Omicron variant of Corona were vaccinated. At the same time, some people got a booster dose in it. Among Omicron-infected patients, the Ministry of Health analyzed 183 patients, revealing that 91% of patients received both doses of the vaccine. At the same time, 70% of infected patients had no symptoms.

183 Omicron Patient Analysis

– 121 people had a history of foreign travel i.e. they came back from abroad which is 73% of the total patients, whereas 44 infected patients had no history of foreign travel but came in contact with someone returning from abroad. At the same time, one should try to find out the identities of the 18, as there is no information about how they got into the clutches of Omicron.

– Of these 183 Omicron-infected patients, 87 were fully vaccinated, meaning both doses were administered. It also includes 3 people who received three doses. At the same time, 7 people received no vaccine and 2 received a vaccine. At the same time, of these 183 Omicron-infected patients, 16 were not eligible, meaning they were not vaccinated. Although the status of the vaccination of 73 people is unknown.

Of the 183 omicrones, 39% were females and 61% were males Also 30% of patients had symptoms and 70% of patients had no symptoms.

It is clear from the details that came out of these hospitals in Delhi that the infection had occurred even after receiving the vaccine. So we have to be careful and cautious. Currently, of the 72 Omicron-infected patients admitted to the LNJP hospital, all returned from abroad and were vaccinated. Currently, 56 out of 72 patients have been discharged and 16 have been admitted.

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